How can we rethink the travel, trip-planning experience?


Concept • Strategy • Research • Creative Direction • Lead Design


Jetmate is the best way to organise your travel plans.


The main goal is to design a product with focus and clarity. This would enable Jetmate to do what it does–all exceptionally well. We went about this by creating a great user-centric oriented experience and meet the user expectations by allowing them to easily plan and manage their itineraries.


We began the design process with comprehensive market research. It was quickly discovered that many products sat in the same room as us, but few sat at the same table”. Many competitors have a, more or less, outdated design language. This not only affects the user’s experience but highly impacts the performance of the product–both on the web and its mobile counterparts. Concerning mobile, there are few similar apps that provide the same functionality as Jetmate; the caveat being that they all offer complex and buggy solutions.

Figure 1

fig. 1 - Left: Current iteration of home screen. Right: Scroll state, where the navigation bar scales down.

fig. 2 - Prototype of trip opening from home screen


Jetmate has taking a life of it’s own and has now pivoted into something new. Stay tuned.