I’m a Product Designer working in Atlanta but missing New York.

I’m focused on solving problems at the intersection of good storytelling, strategy, and behavioral mechanics, with a background in startups, design, and technology. I care about the long-term and fundamental value.

As a designer, I’m focused on building intuitive interfaces that fulfill the relevant intent in an efficient manner, and if we’re lucky, elegantly as well.

Subjectively, the fundamental value as a designer is to the degree in which users are able to efficiently fulfill their relevant intent, faster than it would otherwise occur. And perhaps — if we’re lucky — in a way that feels the utmost natural, innately obvious, or elegant as well. To do that, I design products that do their best to fit the user’s mental model by employing a number of tools, methodologies, and philosophies.

One problem I’m currently passionate about is using bits to design a passenger-centric travel experience that is orders of magnitude better than it currently is now with the long-term goal of increasing the efficiency of the pertinent atoms, and decreasing the real cost too. This puts my concentration on travel and transportation. Expect to see some experiments from me within these realms.


For 2018, I am interested in contract to full-time roles.

For new business or tea, please email q at querlin dot com.

For more immediate chitter-chatter, I’m on twitter @querln.

Broader Interests